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Cash Advance Loans, Title Loans, and Installment Loans

JB Quick Cash customers can choose from more than one loan type and enjoy more time to pay back their loans versus the traditional payday loan. JB Quick Cash offers installment loans that have bi-weekly or monthly payments for up to (6) months. We also offer installment motor vehicle title loan services for up to (6) months with payments due bi-weekly or monthly, as well as cash advance loans.

No matter what the loan type is, you always have (3) options each time your payment is due. They are: payoff, pay down your principal balance, or pay interest and fees only. And, at the end of the term of your loan, you can choose to payoff or refinance the loan.

Loans offered to JB Quick Cash customers are funded by a separate entity referred to as the Third Party Lender. JB Quick Cash Services is a licensed Texas Credit Access Business.

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